Religious Centers

Pathanamthitta can be called as the spiritual capital of 'God's own Country', Kerala as it covers major pilgrim spots of the state.

Sabarimala Temple

The best known pilgrimage destination in Kerala is Sabarimala temple,which is situated high up in the Sahyadri mountains. Sabarimala Sri Dharmasastha Temple is the most famous and prominent among all the Sastha Temples. It is the 'Sacred Abode of Lord Ayyappa' and one of the most important Hindu pilgrim centre in the country....Sabarimala

Maramon Convention (February)

The Marthoma Maramon Convention is the biggest religious gathering of Christians in Asia. It is held on the banks of river Pamba, Maramon, near Kozhencherry since 1896 usually in the month of February.Thousands of people from all over India assemble here at this great occation.The Maramon Convention displays co-operation and union between different sections of Church in Kerala. It fosters ecumenical outlook. It is also a source of spiritual inspiration and enlightenment for thousands. Convention is normally scheduled for a duration of 10 days, when the sand bed become dry to accommodate the sea of humanity. About a week before the convention, the vicinity of the venue becomes a scene of great activity for the preparation of the Pandal wide enough to accommodate about 80000-100000 people constructed out of bamboo poles. Huge crowds streamed across temporary bridges and sandbag walkways come to the Pandal for hearing the Word of God from all over India and abroad. It is a phenomenal scenery that around 100,000 people gathered in hot and humid weather in a hot dry sand of the Pamba River to hear of Lord and to sing for Him. All the people well attentively participate in the singing and listen to the religious reading and discourse sitting under this temporary shelter of thatched coconut palm leaves. It is also a source of spiritual inspiration and enlightenment for thousands. Gathering on the sandbanks of the river Pampa attracts all walks of life, regardless of caste, creed or religion. The people in and around Maramon extend solidarity and hospitality to the people coming from far off places. Of the years Maramon has become a meeting place of culture and tradition and it became a stature of Indian Christianity.

Chandanakkudam Festival (February)

The Chandanakudam at Pathanamthitta is one of the most colourful of Muslim festival in Kerala.Chandanakkudam Festival of the Jama - Al Mosque at Pathanamthitta attracts thousands of devotees. This is a famous Muslim pilgrim center. Many tourists and believers swarm the place to join the famous 'Chandanakkudam' feast and to witness the grand celebration observed then. The many colors, bright lights, majestically decorated elephants and musical accompaniment leave vivid images in the memory of the visitor.

Parumala Orthodox Church

The magnificent building also houses the tomb of celebrant Mar Gregorios metropolitan, a Saint of Malankara Orthodox Church. St. Gregorios Geevarghese popularly known as "Parumala Thirumeni" was born in the priestly family of "Pallithatta Thanagattu" in Mulunthuruthy near Cochin on 15th June 1848. Devotees from all over the state attended the special rites and prayers offered as part of the commemorative feast of the saint.The annual commemorative feast (Ormaperunnal) of the saint is celebrated with much pomp. There is a ceremonial procession on the day of the feast.

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